Who May Submit

The proposal can be submitted by academia/ research institutes (Principle Investigators) available in the country engaged in the field of aeronautics. Grants are offered to Indian academic institutions of national importance/repute, national science and technology centres, research institutions, non-profit professional societies performing advance research, acclaimed scientists attached to approved research and also private institutions.

Where/ Whom to Submit

The proposal is required to be submitted through email: ardb[dot]hqr[at]gov[dot]in alongwith two hard copies to the AR&DB Secretariat, Ministry of Defence (R&D), DRDO Headquarters Annexe, Old LASTEC Building, 4th Floor, Room No. 411, Metcalfe House, Civil Lines, Delhi-110054. The proposal would be submitted by Principle Investigators (PIs) in the format as provided as per DERIPR links. The proposal must clearly bring out an appreciation of how the project would lead to better Aeronautical research and development.

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