Make India technologically strong by establishing world class cutting edge aeronautical science and technology base to provide our Defence, Space and Civil Aviation sectors a decisive edge by equipping them with internationally competitive systems and solutions.


To encourage and fund basic and applied research in pertinent scientific disciplines directly relevant to ouraeronautical systems needed for future by enabling and supporting emerging talents,particularly in academic and research institutions to create and evolve a potential knowledge-base system applicable to future aeronautics needs of the country.


  • To formulate research, design and development programmes in aeronautics and allied sciences, keeping in view future needs of the country specifically with respect to aircraft, helicopter, missiles and all other airborne vehicles.
  • To implement such programmes through appropriate institutions and individuals by sponsoring research, design and development projects, creating/ improving infrastructure facilities deemed necessary,while ensuring that they are suitably monitored.
  • To promote in all possible ways such educational and training programmes as may be considered necessary for ensuring that adequate manpower of requisite quality becomes available to various aeronautical organisations in the country.
  • To promote all relevant R&D activities in the country through appropriate scientific meetings, provisions of support for participation of Indian and foreign scientists in such meetings, conduct of relevant competitions as well as other training and visiting programmes within India and abroad as may fall within the scope of the programmes mentioned at sub para (a) above.
  • Dissemination of appropriate technical information through journals and documents, encouragement of individual and collective efforts and nurturing of young talent by institutionswith suitable awards, scholarships etc. Organisation of necessary centralized services related documentation, software, data-link etc. and in all such other ways that the Board may determine from time to time.


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