Marine environment is one of the most challenging and designing systems to survive in the harsh conditions is very demanding and requires knowledge of many fields of engineering. Recent advances in the field of Marine Technology increased requirements of works to be carried out under water. Even simple tasks are difficult and require great efforts and ingenuity in the marine/alien under water environment. It is very appropriately said that towards the later parts of the present century, the human survival will depend on the unexplored oceans and consequently, exploitation of living and nonliving marine resources shall have greater significance in the coming years. It is difficult to predict today how the resources of the oceans will be exploited in the future, but design, construction, operation of systems throw many unknown engineering challenges. Such developments will have to be supported by a better understanding of the mechanics of the environment, hydrodynamic loading on structural systems, resulting responses, material behaviour under high pressure and other several unknown aspects

There are isolated efforts in our country for developing Marine systems but in practice there is an over dependence on imported technology giving rise to major concerns including security. If the present trend continues, the whole nation will be vulnerable and totally unprepared for meeting the challenges of the oceans. There are many issues to be addressed. Path breaking research and development efforts are required in the areas of Under Water Sensors, Control Systems, subsystems for U/W Vehicles; remotely operated and autonomous, moorings, dynamic positioning, Navigation, inertial systems, etc. Being interdisciplinary in character, groups of researchers have to be identified and brought together for synergy. Though the areas identified are not exhaustive, research efforts to develop Marine systems are the pressing need of the hour.

The panel on “Marine Systems” is required to address some of these issues projects, which will have direct impact on developing Marine Engineering Systems. In tune with the objectives of the NRB, the projects shall be for interdisciplinary research for the development of systems and not for development of systems.

Panel Member

Prof. V G Idichandy

4 (new) Dr. Vasudave Nagar, South Avenue,
Tiruvanmiyur, Chennai-600041

Tel. No. : 044-24481864
Mob No. : 9962514000
E-mail : chandy[dot]vgi[at]gmail[dot]com, 01769[at]reriree[dot]iitm[dot]ac[dot]in


Sr. No.Panel HeadContact Information
1Sh. KVVSS Murty
Scientist 'G'
Technology Director,
Naval Science & Technological Laboratory, Vignana Nagar, Visakhapatnam- 530 027.
Tele : 0891-2586121/ 0891-2565482
Fax : 0891-2559464
Mobile : 9849525051
E-mail : kvvssmurty[at]yahoo[dot]co.
2Prof. PRS PillaiTele: 0484-2576418, 2576449
Fax : 0484-2576449, 2576800
Mobile : 9447608103
E-mail : prspillai[at]cusat[dot]ac[dot]in
3Dr. CS kumarRobotics and Intelligent Systems Laboratory, Deptt. of Mechanical Engineering
Indian Institute of Technology
Kharagpur- 721 302.
Tel. No. : 03222-282934
Fax : 03222-255303
E-mail : kumar[at]mech[dot]iitkgp[dot]ernet[dot]in
4Sh. MSR Prasad
Scientist 'G'
Project Director K-4
Defence Research & Development Laboratory
Kanchanbagh, Hyderabad- 500 058.
Tel. No. : 040-2430 6317
Fax : 040-2434 0109
E-mail : msrp61[at]gmail[dot]com
5Dr. K Sudarshan

Scientist 'G'
Group Head (Engineering)
Naval Physical & Oceanographic Lab Thrikakkara, Kochi- 682 0201.
Tel. No. : 0484-2422967
Fax : 0484-2424858
E-mail : ksud57[at]yahoo[dot]com
6Cmde Sunil Kaushik
Dte. of Marine Engineering (DME)
Integrated Headquarters, Ministry of Defence(Navy), Sena Bhawan,
New Delhi-110 011
Tel. No. : 011-23011713
Fax : 011-23011352/23019471
E-mail : dme-navy[at]nic[dot]in


Sr. No.Project No.Project TitleDate of CommencementDuration/
Date of Completion
Principal InvestigatorInstitute
1233/MAR/10-11Development of Navigational Controller for self- piloted Mobile Robot Under Water for Surveillance using Adaptive Neuro-Fuzzy Inference SystemAug (11)Aug (14) Mar (15)Dr. Dayal R ParhiNIT, Rourkela
2242/Mar/11-12Fabrication Electromagnetic characterization and evaluation of hybird nanocomposite radar absorbing structure for Naval applicationJun (12)Jun (14) Dec (14)
Jun (15)
Prof. K RamjiAndhra University Vishkapatnam
3262/MAR/12-13MEMFET (Micro Electro Mechanical Field Effect Transistor) Hydrophone Phase I - Design, Analytical Modeling and SimulationOct (12)Oct (13) Mar (14)
Dec (14)
Dr. Sayanu Pamidighantam/ Dr. R Vasudevan IyerPESIT, Bangalore
4263/MAR/12-13Design of a variable buoyancy engine for Autonomous Underwater Vehicles (AUVs) / Autonomous Underwater Gliders (AUGs)Oct (12)Oct (14) Apr (15)
Apr (17)
Dr. Rajiv SharmaIIT, Madras, Chennai
5272/MAR/12-13Use of Model Localization for Quieter Panels of superstructure in a stealth shipJun (13)Jun (15) Dec (15)Dr. Shakti S GuptaIIT, Kanpur
6273/MAR/12-13Design of a popup Antenna system for intermittent communication of an observed underwater noise and which remains submerged otherwiseJun (13)Jun (15) Dec (15)Dr. T AsokanIIT, Madras, Chennai
7286/MAR/12-13Design and Development of an Autonomous Amphibian Vehicle for Harbor Security OperationsMar (13)Mar (15) Sep (15)Dr. K. Gopalakrishna,Jain University, Bangalore
8294/MAR/12-13Development of Hardware and Real - time Implementation of Path Following and Cooperative Motion Control Algorithms for Autonomous Underwater VehiclesMay (13)May (16)Dr. Bidyadhar Subudhi, ProfessorNIT, Rourkela
9304/MAR/13-14Design and Development of a Robotic Fish for Naval ApplicationsFeb (14)Feb (17)Dr. K Rama Narsimha __________ Dr. R N GovardhanJain University, Bangalore _____________ IISc, Bangalore
10312/MAR/13-14Robust and Intelligent Control of Underwater Robot ManipulatorsSep (14)Sep (16)Dr. Shunmugham R. Pandian, Professor & Head,Velammal College of Engineering & Technology, Madurai (TN)
11318/Mar/13-14Contactless Under Water Lithium Ion Battery ChargingMay (14)May (16)Prof. J. Manikandan, Associate ProfessorPESIT, Bangalore
12321/Mar/13-14Empirical Mode Decomposition of Vibration Signals for Fault Detection in Mechanical Systems on Board Naval PlatformsJun (14)Jun (17)Prof. A. R. Mohanty, ProfessorIIT, Kharagpur
13328/Mar/14-15Design and Development of Pay-in /Pay-out System for AUVJun (14)Jun (16)Prof. S Venugopalan, Associate ProfessorPESIT, Bangalore
14329/Mar/14-15AUV object detection and identification using sonarSep (14)Sep (15)Dr. P. B. Sujit, Asst. ProfessorIIIIT, Delhi
15334/Mar/14-15Design and Development of Electro Magnetic Launching system for Light Weight Torpedo, Decoys etcSep (14)Sep (16)Dr. P Mallikarjuna Rao Chairman, Board of studiesAndhra University Vishakhapatnam
16335/Mar/14-15Doppler Velocity Log (DVL) based Autonomous Underwater Vehicle (AUV) Localization and Navigation for Detecting Underwater Acoustic SourcesJan(15)Jul (16)Dr. Leena Vachhani, Assistant ProfessorIIT, Bombay
17347/Mar/14-15Investigation of the Performance of a Rotor-Shaft System Supported on Magnetic-Bearings Mounted on a Maneuvering Marine Vessel Based on the Stability and Vibration ResponseApr (15)Apr (18)Dr. Anindya Sundar Das, Assistant ProfessorJadavpur University Kolkata
18353/Mar/14-15Design and Development of High Performance synchronous Machine (PMSM) based drives for motion controlMay (15)May (18)Dr. Bharat Singh Rajpurohit, Assistant ProfessorIIT, Mandi Kamand Campus, Mandi H.P.
19367 /MAR/15-16Design and Development of a FBG Sensor array with enhanced sensitivity for acoustic target detectionOct (15)Oct (18)Dr. S Asokan, ProfessorIISc, Bangalore
20388/MAR/16-17Improved underwater surveillance using Experimental Multimedia Sensor Network  Dr. Sudip Misra, Associate ProfessorIIT, Kharagpur
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