To be an organisation with the world class academic research in the frontiers of Science & technology to support the future needs of the Navy for security of the Nation.


To encourage and fund basic and applied research in pertinent scientific disciplines of board relevance to our future Navy by enabling and supporting emerging talent, most particularly in academic institutions, to create & evolve a knowledge-base potentially applicable to the Navy.


Naval Research Board (NRB) of Defence Research and Development Organization (DRDO) was set up in September 1996 to strengthen and deepen the knowledge base related to the Naval Science & Technologies. The NRB has a flexible approach towards research, funding and project execution. The Board has instituted a Grants-in-Aid Scheme to nurture scientific talent to create research base in IITs, Universities, higher technological institutions, colleges and other research centers in the country.

The scheme is coordinated through seven specialist panels

  • Materials (MAT)
  • Hydrodynamics (HYDRO)
  • Sonar and Signal Behavior(SSB)
  • Ocean Environment(OE)
  • Scientific Computing(SC)
  • Marine systems(MAR)
  • Hydro-Vibro- Acoustics (HVA)
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