Life Support & Biomedical Devices (LSBD) Panel

  • Versatile fabrics as technical textiles for protective clothing.
  • Brain computer interface sensor & instrumentation for the relevance of military application.
  • Neuro exoskeleton technologies for soldier locomotion enhancement and increase load carrying capacity.
  • Combat medical support technologies / devices development.

Soldier Health & Drug Development (SH&DD) Panel

  • Pre hospital care of combat casualty.
  • Traumatic brain injury.
  • Radiation countermeasures.

Physiology of Extreme Environment & Behavioral Sciences (PEE&BS) Panel

  • Mechanism and strategies for rapid acclimatization to extreme environmental conditions, including high & extreme altitude, desert, microgravity, hyperbaria amongst others.
  • Next generation genetic screening tools, diagnostics including biosensors, for maladies at high/extreme altitude and other extreme environmental conditions.
  • Development of Psychological tests i.e. Intelligence, Aptitude and Personality tests for the selection and placement of Armed Forces Personnel.
  • Study the develop psychological tests/tools to Assess as well as training modules for the enhancement of Psychological well being, resilience, combat stress management, motivation and moral, attitude, job satisfaction, leadership effectiveness, mental health and values of the armed forces personnel.

Biotechnology and Bioremediation (BTB) Panel

  • Surveillance of diseases caused by biothreat agents
  • Vaccine and post exposure therapies for biothreat or chemical warfare agents
  • Host-pathogen interaction of biothreat agents in natural host
  • Herbal and chemical repellents for insect vectors and pests
  • Metagenomic and metaproteomic approaches for identification of microbial pathogens.

Food, Agriculture & Bioprospecting (FAB) Panel

  • Light weight operational rations.
  • High altitude agriculture
  • Bio-mediated alternate fuel technologies.
  • Vector-vector borne diseases
  • Bioremediation
  • Products & technologies for soldier support during jungle operations
  • Herbal based pharmaceutical products and technologies.
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