Dr. Makarand Ganesh Joshi
Dr. Makarand Ganesh Joshi
OS and Director, Research & Development Establishment (Engrs.)

Dr. Makarand Ganesh Joshi, Scientist ‘H’, assumed office of Director, Research and Development Establishment (Engineers), Pune on 01st June 2023. Since joining R&DE (Engrs) in the year 2000, he has headed the Composites Research Centre (CRC).

Since the year 2021 he has also been the group director for Military Bridging Group (MBG) and Combat Engineering (CE) in addition to CRC. Dr. Joshi completed Bachelor’s degree in Automobile Engineering from University of Pune (1988), M. Tech in Mechanical Engineering from IIT Kanpur (1991) and obtained PhD in Engineering Mechanics from Clemson University, USA (1996). Subsequently he worked as a post-doctoral fellow at University of Delaware, Newark, USA, during 1996-1999. Prior to joining DRDO, he served as Senior Manager at Kirloskar Copeland Ltd., Karad during 1999- 2000.

Dr. Joshi has made significant contributions to the field of composite materials design and manufacture. He has been a pioneer in establishing two out-of-autoclave manufacturing processes, Vacuum assisted resin transfer molding (VARTM) and Resin film infusion (RFI) for the first time in the country. From research on materials, design and analysis, development of manufacturing methods, structural health monitoring technologies, etc., he has fostered a team of scientists and technologists to realise state-of-the-art composites products. This has led to composite product development for all the three services for under water, surface, land and air applications, which include composites sonar domes, composite bridges, armoured battle tank in composites, wings for Rustom II, radomes for LCA and AWACS etc.

Dr. Joshi has over 30 international journal publications and 05 patents to his credit. He has been a resource person for a series of international/national conferences. He is the recipient of several prestigious honours including DRDO Path Breaking Research/Outstanding Technology Development award in 2013 & 2018 and ISAMPE outstanding design and process development award in 2010 & 2019. He is the Chairman of Pune chapter of Indian Society for Advancement of Materials and Process Engineering (ISAMPE) and a member of Institute of Smart Structures and Systems (ISSS). He was AR&DB structures panel chairman during November 2017 to September 2022. During his tenure he had steered academia to undertake various projects in applied research.

As Director, he has initiated efforts to bring research focus at R&DE(Engrs), such that development of futuristic technologies will be a sustained activity over foreseeable future.

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