Dr. Mayank Dwivedi
Dr. Mayank Dwivedi
Outstanding Scientist and Director, Defence Materials and Stores Research and Development Establishment

Dr Mayank Dwivedi, Scientist 'H'/Outstanding Scientist, is Director, Defence Materials and Stores Research and Development Establishment (DMSRDE). He is M.E. in Polymer Technology from DCE Delhi and Ph.D. in Advanced Composites from IIT Delhi. He is the recipient of Gold Medal in M.E. He is alumni of the prestigious National Defence College, New Delhi.

In his previous appointments, he was Director, Directorate of Industry Interface & Technology Management (DIITM) for more than 5 years and prior to it, he was Director, Defence Technology Commission (DTC), Secretariat for 2 years.

He started his career from DST project in 1989 and later he joined DRDO (CPDC/ASL, Hyderabad) in 1992. He has been working in the area of polymeric composites and nano composites since 1989. He has worked in the area of stealth and radar absorbing systems. He has worked on major projects such as Agni missile, BrahMos Missile, warhead technologies and biomechanical devices. He has an expertise in the areas of processing and structure-property relationship of advanced composites. He has contributed on indigenization of high temperature resin systems and development of air frames. He has worked in the area of identification and development of counter insurgency technologies and products.

He has formulated various policies and carried out their implementation. He has spearheaded interactions with industries across the country for the dissemination of policies for industries. He has a number of international publications and patents to his credit. He has delivered many lectures at various international and National forums. He has authored three books on nanotechnology and Polymeric Composites. He is the recipient of ‘Water Sustainability Award 2022-23’ by UNDP in 2023,‘Agni Award for Excellence in Self Reliance’ in 2018 and ‘Lab Scientist of the Year’ award in 2003.

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