Outstanding Scientist & Director, ADE
Shri Y Dilip
Outstanding Scientist & Director, ADE

Shri Y Dilip, Outstanding Scientist is Director of Aeronautical Development Establishment since 01st January 2022.

Shri Y Dilip, OS&Director, ADE joined DRDO on 13 Sept 1991. He started his career as Designer for Quadruplex Flight Control Systems for LCA with core responsibility for Design and Development of Digital Flight Control System architecture and Computer (DFCC), which was flown successfully in 2001and was type approved for LCA production requirements.

He worked in the field of Real time Embedded System design and Engineering of avionics systems for Manned and Unmanned Aerial with core specialisation on high reliable and redundant architecture systems for “Safety Critical Embedded Systems Designs”.

In his 30 years of Service at ADE, he immensely contributed to projects and programmes in various capacities, provided technical guidance & support for project teams of Rustom-I, Rustom-II, Nirbhay, Sudarshan, Nishant& L-II programs. He lead the team towards design, development, flightworthy certification of Air Data Computer (ADC), Lavcon Air Data Computer (LADC) for LCA Mk1, 2A, Mk-II & LCA Navy.As a senior member of IFCS group, resolved issues with regard to integration sites & aircraft of LCA. As chairman QRT, resolved and streamlined the production of LCA-FCS LRUs.

As Programme Director, NP-MICAV significantly contributed towards Micro Air Vehicle Development in the country with Academic Institutes viz. IIT, IISc, NAL and Private Industries and as Programme Director (i) lead the Design and Development of Stealthy Advanced Futuristic Unmanned Combat Aircraft of scaled version “Stealthy High Speed Autonomous UAV” based on flying wing configuration with capabilities for Autonomous Take-off and Landing. This Experimental UAV Development has completed Taxi trials and is ready for flight. (ii) leading the development of flagship program the Futuristic Unmanned Combat Aerial Vehicle for the country.

He is recipient of various Awards and Honors such as ADE Young Scientist Award, INAe Young Engineer Award, DRDO Young Scientist Award, Director’s Commendation, Commendation by SA to RM on National Technology Day, Best Technical Div Award, Agni Award for Performance Excellence in Self Reliance, DRDO National Technology Day Award, Technology Group Award for Rustom-II, DRDO Award for Performance Excellence, DRDO Scientist of the Year Award.

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