Sh. B.V. Paparao, Director ASL
Sh. B.V. Paparao
Distinguished Scientist and Director ASL

Sh. B.V. Paparao, Distinguished Scientist, Director, ASL has obtained B.Tech in Mechanical Engineering from Andhra University and M.Tech in Production Engineering from JNTU, Hyderabad.

B.V. Paparao started his career in DRDL as Scientist B in the year 1987. He has contributed for more than 35 years in Design and Development of Solid Propulsion Systems and related sub-systems like Gas Generators for Missile Ejections from Canister, all stages of solid motors with regular and high energy propellants, auxiliary motors with cant nozzles upto 90o, Thrust vector control mechanisms like jet vanes, flex nozzle jet tab etc. for solid motors for Projects B05, K4, A5, A1P, LV, PRALAY, SLCM, etc

His recent contributions are collapsible mandrels, extendable exit cone and multi-nozzle based under water propulsion motors for Project K5.

B.V. Paparao was Associate Director and Group Director (Propulsion) in ASL till July, 2021. He is Director, Centre for Advanced Systems from August, 2021 and is responsible for the production of AGNI Missile Systems and operation of number of unique test facilities like Hypersonic Wind Tunnel and Static Test Facilities for Solid Rocket Motors. He has taken over as Director, Advanced Systems Laboratory on 30th June, 2023.


  • Member of Indian National Society for Aerospace and Related Mechanisms (INSARM)

  • Member of Aeronautical Society of India

  • Member of Astronautical Society of India

  • Member of High Energy Materials Society of India (HEMSI)

  • Member of International Ballistics Society


  • Science Day Award in the year 2021& 2001

  • Technology Group Award in the year 2018

  • Award for development of SLBMs in the year 2017

  • Performance Excellence Award in the year 2007

  • Commendation Certificate by SA to RM for Prog. ATVP in the year 2007
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