Avionics Payload and Sensors (APS) Directorate

Directorate of APS headed by Director (APS) encompasses facilitating airworthiness certification and continued airworthiness certification coverage of Avionics, Payloads and Sensors for fixed wing aircraft both military and transport aircraft, and unmanned aerial vehicles. This Directorate is responsible for supervision and monitoring of technical activities of RCMAs under the directorate and also formulation and implementation of policies related to Airborne Stores.

RCMA (APS) is responsible for providing airworthiness certification coverage for ab-initio Avionics, Payloads and Sensors.

RCMA (Hyderabad):
RCMA (HYD) is responsible for Airworthiness Certification of ab-initio designed and developed avionics systems like, communication, navigation, mission computers, control systems, datalink, Aircraft Batteries, EW systems etc. The continued airworthiness, life extension studies and Defect Investigations of the certified systems are also undertaken by RCMA(Hyd).

RCMA (Korwa):
RCMA (KOW) is responsible for ensuring Airworthiness Certification of avionics systems like FDRs, CVRs, Navigation systems etc.

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