Project TitlePIInstitute
Armament Design Mechanism & Ballistics (ADMB) Panel
Design and development of laser spot detectorDr Mukul SarkarIIT, Delhi
Armament Sensors and Electronics (ASE) Panel
Numerical Simulation of Electromagnetic RailgunSmt. Manika SharmaIPR Gandhinagar
Development of a low power video compression and enhancement module using TI;s DaVinci board along with its FPGA realizationDr Manish OkadeNIT, Rourkela
Combustion, Detonics & Shock Waves (CDSW) Panel
Development of a prototype for defusing and dismantling of time expired ammunitions with abrasive water jets Dr. N. Ramesh BabuIIT, Madras
Investigation of phase change nanocomposites for high strain rate resistant armour applicationsDr. Viswanath BalakrishnanIIT, Mandi
Development of a light weight composite sandwich panel for blast mitigationDr JD SharmaPEC univ of technology, Chandigarh
Synthesis and characterization of ceramic / metal multilayer functionally graded armor materials with improved ballistic performanceDr. Puneet KumarNIT Kurukshetra
Computational modeling of energetic materials subjected to thermal and mechanical insults using material point methodDr GauravIIT, Gandhinagar
Development of Insensitive High Energy Materials Containing Heterocyclic Backbone Substituted with Amino, Azido and Nitro ExplosophoresDr Vikas GhuleNIT Kurukshetra
Evaluation of test protocol and lethality criteria for fragments generated from warhead detonationDr Shailesh GanpuleIIT Roorkee
Sensitive explosive detection in vapor phase with cyclometalated Iridim (III) and Platinum (II) based Aggregation Induced Emission Active NanoprobesProf Inamur R LaskarBITS, Pilani, Rajasthan
Developing boron based nano sheets reinforced polymer matrix for designing light weight blast resistant armorDr Kabir JasujaIIT, Gandhinagar
Micronization and encapsulation of explosives using rapid expansion of supercritical solutionsDr. Sameer DalviIIT, Gandhinagar & IIT, Mandi
High Energy Materials (HEM) Panel
Studies on improved low temperature strain capability in advanced energetic solid rocket propellantProf Murthy HardanahalliIIT, Madras
Development of pyrotechnic metal ceramic composite material for "Smart Flare" as IR countermeasureDr. Sudeshna RayRabindranath Tagore University, Bhopal
Simulation assisted ADR for digital X-ray image analysis for missile componentsProf Krishnan BalasubramanionIIT, Madras 
Development of a process for the preparation of Hydroxyl-Terminated Butadiene OligomerDr Ashootosh V AmbadeCSIR-NCL, Pune 
Materials for Armament Applications (MAA) Panel
Enhancement of mechanical and ballistic properties of body and vehicle armour using constrained groove pressingDr. Amit Kumar GuptaBITS, Pilani
Development of smart composition based on shape memory polymer for blast mitigation of buildingsDr. Ajay K TyagiSIIR, Delhi
The ballistic response of ceramics targets under various configuration prestress and obliquityDr. Mohd Ashraf IqbalIIT, Roorkee
Development of lithium based nano glass ceramics for armor applicationsDr. (Mrs.) A.V. DeshpandeVNIT, Nagpur
Ferroelectric metal-organic materials supported by cationic phosphorus moieties for potential sensor applicationsDr. R Boomi ShankarIISER, Pune
Development of Light Weight Functionally Graded Metal Ceramic Composite Armour Materials for Defence ApplicationsDr. TPD RajanCSIR-NIIST, Thiruvananthapuram
Development of PZT Ceramic foamsDr. K PrabhakaranIIST, Trivandrum
Fabrication of nano-oxide dispersed Tungsten alloys by mechanical alloying for armament applicationProf Anshuman PatraNIT, Rourkela
Development of hybrid supercapacitors with graphene and pseudo capacitance based electrodesDr. A.Seema, Scientist – CC-MET, Thrissur 
Optimizing the Ballistic Performance of AA7075 Thick Plate Friction Stir WeldsDr. SR Koteswara RaoSSN College of Engineering, Chennai  
Microwave sintering of particulate reinforced tungsten heavy alloy composites for defence applicationsDr A Raja AnnamalaiVIT, Vellore
Study of Ti doped glass for lasers in armament applicationsDr Sonam RahejaApeejay Stya University, Gurugram
To develop cost effective primary lithium battery for defence applicationsDr Nirmalya  BallavIISER, Pune
Non Local approach to Modeling Damage in Quasi Brittle Material under Blast and Ballistic LoadsDr Amirtham RajagopalIIT Hyderabad
Development & characterization of 2x2 twill woven carbon-kevlar hybrid composites with their modelling and analysisDr Harlal Singh MaliMNIT, Jaipur
Machinability assessment and material characterization of tungsten heavy alloy used in defense applications as KE penetratorsDr Amrita PriyadarshiniBITS, Pilani Hyderabad
Development of functionally graded armor composites materialsProf Vikas JindalIIT(BHU) Varanasi
Safety and Test & Evaluation (STE) Panel
Sound Localization of High Explosive Artillery Shell ExplosionDr. A.R. Mohanty, ProfessorIIT, Kharagpur
Design of novel fluorinating reagent:Application in the synthesis of fluoro organic moleculesDr. Akhilesh K. VermaDelhi University 
Design and development of a thermal protected intelligent machine for assisting the fire rescue team with optimal path guidance in human detectionProf. Dr. Lenin FredMAR, EPHRAEM College of Engg & Tech, Kanyakumari
Simulation & Modelling of Fire-Mist InteractionDr Kirti Bhushan MishraIIT Roorkee
Development of Hyper Visco-elastic Material Model in AUTODYN for Polyurea and Conduct Validation Studies Through Blast and Ballistic Experiments for Neat and Polyurea Coated RCC and Mild Steel SamplesDr Raguraman MunusamyIIITDM, Kancheepuram
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