Dr B K Das,  Outstanding Scientist & DG (ECS)
Dr B K Das
Outstanding Scientist & Director General - Electronics & Communication Systems (ECS)

Dr B K Das, Outstanding Scientist has been appointed as Director General (Electronics & Communication System) on 29th April 2022. Prior to this, he was Director, ITR from 2015 to 2020 followed by Director, IRDE. In-between he was Director, DEAL as additional responsibility. He was an integral part of Indian Missile Program for 33 years and worked relentlessly towards Test and Evaluation of various state of the art Missile Systems. He has spearheaded Test Range & Instrumented Test Range, which is the Best and Busiest in the world today. He has transformed the Test Range Technology for the country to have entire capability of indigenous Test Systems. Indigenous development of EOTS, Radar Systems, Long Range Telemetry System, Phased array & drone based Telemetry system, Telecommand System and number of multitarget tracking Systems along with various processes and system software creating automated system for mission management has been achieved under his able leadership. In IRDE, under his leadership 21 state of the art products could be realized in the year 2021 like Electro-optic Mast, LEOP, CAMOP, AGMS and many more systems. During this period, he has created various infrastructure and state of the art Test Facilities for Electro Optical Systems. He has lead various projects of national importance in both the Labs and defined the vision for both of these laboratories. Under his dynamic leadership these two laboratories have set target for year 2022 to realize 22 productsof international importance B.Tech. from Burla Engineering College, Odisha, M.Tech& Ph.D. from IIT, Kharagpur, Dr. Das is the holder of Best Graduate Gold Medal and Topper of IIT. His Ph.D. thesis was awarded the Best Thesis by USA. He has received a number of National and International Awards. Few of them are as under:

  1. LakshmipatSinghania-IIM, Lucknow National Leadership Award as the Young Leader of the country in Science and Technology for the year 2008. (one award for the country)

  2. National Award by National Research and Development Corporation (NRDC) for the technological development in Image Processing and Electro Optics for 1997-98. (Only recipient among all the DRDO labs & ISRO Centres)

  3. Young Engineer National Award and Medallion by Indian National Academy of Engineering (INAE) for contribution in Electro Optics & Image Processing for 1999. (National Topper)

  4. Best Presentation among 300 presenters from 30 countries in 16th IASTED International Conference on Parallel and Distributed Computing and Systems, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), Cambridge,

  5. Young Scientist Award by Orissa Vigyan Academy for outstanding contribution in Image Processing (Only one award for the State)

  6. Scientist of The Year Award for the year 2003 for outstanding contribution in the field of Electro Optics

  7. Award for path breaking research as a member of the team for Air Defence Systems for the year 2006-07

  8. Award for Path breaking research as a member of the team for the year 2007-08

  9. Best Presentation Award in National Science Day 1996

  10. Lab Scientist of the Year Award for the outstanding contribution in Image Processing and Electro Optics for the year 2003.

  11. Technology Group Award as a leader of the team for the VLSI based developmental projects 2004

  12. Technology Group Award as a leader of the team for development of Electro Optical Tracking System for 2011

  13. National Technology Day Titanium Medal for best technology development in Test Range for 2004

  14. He has more than 50 publications in various national & international journals and conferences
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