Dr. Anil Kumar Mishra
Dr. Anil Kumar Mishra
Director, Institute of Nuclear Medicine & Allied Sciences

Dr. Mishra obtained his M.Sc. in Chemistry, in 1984, from Gorakhpur University, and Ph.D. in Chemistry, in 1988 from Banaras Hindu University, India. During his illustrious scientific career, he has held positions as Post-doctorate fellow at Universite de Bourgogne, Dijon, France, research scientist at University of California, Davis, USA, senior scientist at INSERM U-463, Nantes, France and visiting Professor at Max-Planck Institute, Germany.

Dr. Mishra joined INMAS, Delhi in 9th July 1997 and worked in the Division of Radiopharmaceuticals. His research interests include Molecular Imaging agents, Radiochemistry, Specific MR Contrast agents, Optical Imaging agents, Coordination chemistry, Synthetic chemistry, Radiopharmaceuticals and Bioconjugate chemistry.

At INMAS he has contributed towards the creation of a State-of-the-Art infrastructure for advancing the area of radiopharmaceuticals and nuclear imaging which is known as the Molecular Imaging and Research Centre (MIRC). The focus area of the MIRC is towards translational research and product development for early detection of diseases to pave the way for development of newer strategies for personalized healthcare services for Armed Forces. The centre boasts of unparalleled facilities in terms of latest and highly sophisticated equipment along with a fully functional medical PET-cyclotron.It is also equipped with an NMR (400MHZ), LC-MS, HPLC, Molecular modelling facility, synthetic chemistry, nanotechnology, advanced radiochemistry laboratories and Pre-clinical animal facility.The Centre is an example of a hub where scientists and clinicians work in harmony to contribute to the field of Molecular Imaging.It has received national and international acclamation and has been able to carve out a niche for itself with many successful internationalcollaborations.

Dr. Mishra has more than 300 papers, in various journals and has multiple US, European and Indian patents to his credit. He also has affiliation to several professional societies to name a few he is a Fellow Indian College of Nuclear Medicine and a member Indian College of Nuclear Medicine. He has also worked as a consultant with the International Atomic Energy. His professional memberships include American Chemical Society, World Molecular Imaging, European Association of Nuclear Medicine, Society of Nuclear Medicine, N. Chapter, Society of Magnetic Resonance Imaging, society of Nuclear Medicine, India.

Dr Mishra has also delivered a talk at the British Nuclear Medicine Society, United Kingdom (BNMS-UK) in 2014 and has received several awards including the prestigious DRDO-Young Scientist award, by the Prime Minister of India, in 1999.

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