CEMILAC gives airworthiness certification to Indian Airborne Platforms. The airborne platform can be Aircraft, Helicopter, Parachute, Unmanned Aerial Vehicle and Aerostats. Each System, Line Replaceable Unit (LRU), component, material and the software which goes into airborne platform of Indian Military needs to be certified. Any system/component/material which is either externally or internally mounted to airborne platform needs to be certified by CEMILAC to meet armed forces requirements in terms of performance, reliability and life. As an end product towards certification a type certificate is issued which is commonly known as type approval, which is an authority to produce/manufacture the product under the supervision of government inspection agency and designated RCMA. The certification activities are in accordance to a government document namely DDPMAS-2002- Volume 1 & Volume 2 (It is available in guidance material section).

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