Dear Industry Partner,

1.        DRDO appreciates the keen interest taken by you in DRDO developed 'Counter Covid-19 Technologies' as per the list enclosed herewith.  During this emergent situation, scientists and officers of DRDO provided all solutions to the querries raised by you and resolved many technical issues.  Also, you were given go ahead by DRDO for manufacturing, marketing and sale of these products as per the specifications mentioned on DRDO website, to the User/ customers in this emergent situation. By manufacturing these products, you made a great contribution in country's fight against COVID-19.

2.        It would be appreciated ifDRDO developed 'Counter Covid-19 Technologies' are marketed and sold by industries in the every part of the country to fight COVID-19.In order to facilitate industry, further DRDO proposes to transfer ‘Counter COVID_19 Technologies’ to industries through signing of Licensing Agreement for Transfer of Technology (LATOT) between industries and the concerned lab of DRDOat 'Nil' ToT fee and'Nil' royalty charges (for sales in India).

3.        The signing of LATOT will provide industrythe following benefits:-

  1. Industry would become abonafideToT holder of DRDO
  2. Technology Transfer Document comprising bill of material, complete know how, processes, quality processes, etcwould be provided
  3. Necessary technical support would be provided by scientists of DRDO for technology under transfer
  4. Usage of DRDO logo would be allowed on the product
  5. Any new version of technology/product in future would be provided to the industry free of cost
  6. Ease of export of these products


4.        Industry will be required to sign 02 LATOT  (01 copy for you and 01 copy for DRDO) on Rs 500/- non judicial stamp paper each.It is requested to refer "ToT" under "Outreach" at DRDO website for further details on LATOT.  The draft template of LAToT is enclosed herewith for reference.

5.        The 'Counter Covid-19 Technologies'list is continuously modified on the DRDO website ( with the addition of new technologies as they get developed.The above rules and conditions will be applied to all 'Counter Covid-19 Technologies' of modified list as amended at DRDO website, time to time.

6.          For signing of LATOT, it is requested to contact either the concerned Laboratory of DRDO as mentioned in the enclosed list or Director, Directorate of Industry Interface & Technology Management (DIITM) on the following address:-


Directorate of Industry Interface & Technology Management (DIITM),

DRDO Headquarters,
447, DRDO Bhawan,
Rajaji Marg,
New Delhi-110011.
Ph: 011-23013209 & 011-23015291
Fax: 011-23793008


The template of ToT    Download PDF 216KB


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