Forthcoming Titles

  • Defence Research and Development in India, A Historical Account, 1983–2018, By Dr KG Narayanan
  • Fundamentals of Cyber Security, By Dr G Athithan, and Sh SK Pal
  • Introduction to Explosive Reactive Armour, By Dr HS Yadav
  • Biology, Diagnosis, and Management of Black Fly (Simulium Sp.) Blood Sucking Pest with Particular Reference to Northeast India, By Dr Vijay Veer
  • Life Sciences Research in Service of a Soldier, Dr Bhrahm Singh
  • Non-destructive Evaluation of Solid Rockets and Missiles Systems, By Sh K Viswanathan and Sh PV Saisuryanarayana
  • IR Signature, Sensors and Technologies, By Dr KN Chopra
  • The Science and Technology of Laser Material Processing, By Dr Aravind Bharti
  • Best Practices in Product Development, By Dr AK Chakraborty
  • Investigations on Failures of Defence Hardware Components, Fundamentals and Case Histories by Dr KP Balan
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