Vehicle Research Development Establishment (VRDE)

Vehicle Research Development Establishment (VRDE)

Vehicles Research and Development Establishment (VRDE) is involved in design and development of automotive systems for wheeled and light tracked vehicles, automotive chassis and trailers…

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To get transformed into a centre of excellence in the field of light tracked, specialist wheeled and unmanned vehicles to provide indigenous solutions to Armed Forces for the mobility of their weapons and equipments and also to LIC (Light Intensity Conflict) operations.To provide total solution to Defence and Automotive Industry for all their homologation and developmental testing needs through continuous evolution of the NCAT (National Centre for Automotive Testing) into a world class test facility.


Research, Development, Trial and Evaluation of:

  • Specialist Vehicles & Launchers for Strategic Missile Program
  • Combat and Combat Support Vehicles - Light tracked (Upto 25t GVW)
  • Combat and Combat Support Vehicles - Wheeled
  • Engines for UAVs (Rotary and Reciprocating)
  • Unmanned aerial (Upto 150 kg AUW) and unmanned ground vehicles

Continuous Improvement and Augmentation of Test Facilities at NCAT.

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