Explosive Reactive Armour (ERA)

Explosive Reactive Armour (ERA)

ERA disrupts and defeats the shaped charge jet of anti-tank missile warheads effectively. ERA also provides protection to tank against heat and KE threats. Have Provision for fitment of reactive elements in panels without removing the panels, thus fast up arming of the tank.

Explosive Reactive Armour (ERA) Mk-I

HEMRL has developed ERA Mk-I for Tank T-72 M1(CI Ajeya) for  providing protection against modern anti tank guided missiles like MILAN. The technology has been transferred to Ordnance Factories for productionisation.

Salient Features

  • Modular  type of configuration on hull glacis
  • Reduces the penetration of Shaped Charge warheads by ~ 70%
  • Immune to detonation by impact of  small arms & stray fragments
  • No sympathetic detonation between adjacent panels and minimum collateral damage
  • Easy fitment and replacement
  • Least sensitivity and safe to handle
  • Effective even after deep fording


About 1400 tank T-72 M1 (CI Ajeya) are fitted with ERA Mk-I.

Explosive Reactive Armour (ERA) Mk-II

Salient Features

  • Integral type configuration on hull glacis, in which the panels have been welded on tank surface and a window for positioning of reactive elements.
  • Adaptable to all the three tanks i.e. T-72, T-90 and Arjun Mk-II of Indian Army
  • No sympathetic detonation between adjacent elements inside the panel and   immune to detonation against small arms 
  • Additional weight on one tank : 1.5T
  • Effective even after deep fording

The product has been accepted by the Users and likely to be inducted for fitment on MBT Arjun Mk-I A and import substitute for T-90 Tanks

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