Technology CategoryTechnology Development TaskLab
4D Printing3D/4D Metal Prototyping and Explosive Ink PrintingTBRL
4D Digital and Robotics Manufacturing technology for Ammunition Printing and Precision MachiningTBRL
Airbreathing PropulsionRemote Manufacturing technology and Printing of DevicesTBRL
Blast EvaluationBlast Evaluation of cased charges in air & underwater explosion and underwater shock mitigationTBRL
Bunker DesignBunker against artillery shell and deep earth penetratorsTBRL
CasingReactive materials for warheads (liner / casings)HEMRL
CharacterizationComputational and analytical studies on selected energetic materialsHEMRL
Data bank of  explosive formulationTBRL
Failure models for Structural Materials Hypervelcoity Impact ConditionsTBRL
Failure models of High Energy MaterialsTBRL
Thermochemical codes for explosivesTBRL
Characterization - Enhanced Blast Explosive for warheadsTBRL
Deep Penetration WarheadPenetration Cum Blast (PCB) WarheadTBRL
Concrete Penetration WarheadsTBRL
Deep Penetration WarheadHEMRL
High Explosive Composition and Filling Technology for futuristic warheadHEMRL
EIDS ExplosiveExtremely insensitive detonating substances class explosive compositionsHEMRL
Explosive DetectionMobile Explosive detection systemHEMRL
Universal Multi Angle Raman Spectroscopy for  bulk explosive detection systemHEMRL
Explosive DisposalDemilitarization  Plant for Eco-friendly and Safe Disposal of Ammunition and ExplosivesCFEES
Establishing combustion products for bulk disposal of High Explosive(HE) and PropellantsCFEES
Establishing operational parameters for disposal of various types of ammunitionCFEES
Explosive InksAnalysis of explosive inks in various armament applications that include fast response initiatorsHEMRL
Explosive MaterialsThermodynamic Equation for Metalized explosive composition parameter generationTBRL
Explosive StorageModular explosive storage structuresCFEES
Packages for conversion of Hazard Division of ammunition from HD 1.1 to HD 1.2CFEES
Portable Blast Containment VesselCFEES
Unit Risk Principle based Explosive Storage StructureCFEES
Explosive Welding2D numerical model of the complete process of bimetal explosive weldingTBRL
Explosive Welding multigap Technology for space application (Heat sink/ conduits)TBRL
Explosive Welding technology for composite armour platesTBRL
Explosive Welding Technology for leakage proofing of tubesTBRL
Explosive Welding Technology for multi-layered welding processTBRL
Explosively Formed Penetrator WarheadMulti Explosively Formed Penetrator (EFP) WarheadTBRL
Explosively Formed Penetrator (EFP) based weapon system for anti-armour applicationTBRL
FormulationHigh Explosive Composition and Filling TechnologyHEMRL
Green ExplosivesSynthesis, characterization and creation of state of the art pilot plant for green primary explosivesHEMRL
HED ExplosiveHigh Energy Density explosive formulations for futuristic warhead and Low Intensity Conflict applicationTBRL
High Performance High Explosive for Shaped Charge WarheadsTBRL
IM Class ExplosivesEnhanced Blast explosive formulation for warhead systems/subsystems with Insensitive Munition (IM) complianceTBRL
Insensitive Munition class High Explosive composition for Naval warheadsHEMRL
Life Cycle AssessmentIsothermal Micro Calorimetry(IMC) techniques for life Assessment of warheads/explosivesTBRL
Pre- Fragmented BombExtremely Insensitive Detonating Substance (EIDS) category high explosive and filling technology for weaponisationHEMRL
ShockPhotonics-based diagnostics for detonation Shock and BlastTBRL
Standard DevelopmentIndian Standards for Testing of Ballistic HelmetsTBRL
Indian Standards for testing of MPV and MPG and testing against Improvised Explosive Device (IED)TBRL
Swagging TechnologySwagging technology for small caliber Flexible Linear Shaped Charge (FLSC) for Canopy Severance System (CSS) applicationHEMRL
Tandem Shaped Charge WarheadTandem Shaped Charge WarheadTBRL
Shaped Charge WarheadsTBRL
Tandem Shaped Charge WarheadsTBRL
Thermobaric ExplosivesAnalysis of Thermobaric (TB) compositionsHEMRL
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