Technology CategoryTechnology Development TaskLab
AI/ML TechnologyAI/ML algorithms for Autonomous Underwater Vehicles (AUVs)NSTL
AI/ML algorithms for Underwater Weapons and DecoysNSTL
Autonomous Systems and RoboticsAutonomous Underwater TargetNSTL
Electrical WinchCompact electrical winch for Towed array launch and recovery for Torpedo Defence SystemsNPOL
Electromechanical Tow CableCompact electro mechanical Tow cable for Torpedo Defence SystemsNPOL
ExplosivesExtremely Insensitive Detonating Substances (EIDS) TechnologyNSTL
Homing SystemHoming System for High Speed TorpedoNSTL
LR ArrayNew Technology LR Array Advanced Technologies for Torpedo Defence SystemsNPOL
Network EnabledNetwork Centric Combat System for underwater defence applicationNSTL
Networked Towed array for Torpedo Defence SystemsNPOL
Underwater Network Centric mine field algorithmsNSTL
PropulsionSupercavitation TechnologyNSTL
Underwater MinesMobile Warhead MineNSTL
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