Technology CategoryTechnology Development TaskLab
AntennasHigh gain Beam steering antennas suitable for LEO platforms-
Spaceborne Unfurlable Antenna-
Control SystemsAttitude Determination and Control System for Nano Satellite-
Directed Energy WeaponsSpace based High Power Laser-
Electronic WarfareGeolocation Techniques for Electronics Intelligence (ELINT)-
Space Asset Jamming-
Free Space CommunicationVery high-speed Free Space Laser optical communication links-
Image ProcessingData Processing Algorithms for Hyper Spectral Payload-
IoT DevicesInternet of Things (IoT) Devices for Micro Satellite-
MSDFAI / ML based Multi Sensor Data Fusion Techniques for Space based surveillance-
Robotic ArmRendezvous and Proximity Operations technology-
Sensor PayloadInfra Red (IR) Payload for Hypersonic Missile detection-
Spaceborne Environmental Sensors for Space Weather Information-
Spaceborne Sensor for Underwater Detection-
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