Technology CategoryTechnology Development TaskLab
AcclimatizationMonitoring and prediction of high altitude acclimatization status of troopsDIPAS
H2S Prodrug & mi RNA based therapeuticsDIPAS
Animal CyborgAnimals Cyborgs for military applicationsDYSL-AT
Animal TrainingCharacterization based on phenotypic, physio-biochemical, and molecular parameters of endurance of Double-humped camel for load carrying & patrollingDIHAR
Brain Computer Intefrace (BCI)Brain Computer InterfaceR&DE(E)
Cognitive Technology based Threat warning system for Brain Computer Interface  (BCI) for Military ApplicationsDEBEL & INMAS
Electroencephalography (EEG) based Drone(s) Control for Brain Computer Interface  (BCI) for Military ApplicationsDEBEL & INMAS
Cognitive CommunicationFast and secure brain-brain communication using online  physiological data of brain mapping and integration with hardwareDEBEL & INMAS
DatabaseCreating data sets for bioeffects of RF/MW/DEW/ammunition/nanoparticles/bird-strike/noise & vibrationsDIPAS
ExoskeletonBiomechanical Characterisation and Psycophisiological evaluations for exoskeletonDEBEL
Actuators & Control for Full Body, Hybrid & Soft ExoskeletonDEBEL
Biomechanical for Full Body, Hybrid & Soft ExoskeletonDEBEL
Cognitive ExoskeletonDEBEL
Exoskeleton based Soldier Augmentation SystemsR&DE(E)
Human Machine Interfaces for exoskeletonDEBEL
Human Machine Interfaces for Full Body, Hybrid & Soft ExoskeletonDEBEL
Passive Exoskeleton for Military Load CarriageDIPAS
Robotics for Full Body, Hybrid & Soft ExoskeletonDEBEL
Sensors for Full Body, Hybrid & Soft ExoskeletonDEBEL
Sensors, Actuators, Controls and Robotics for exoskeletonDEBEL
Smart textiles for Full Body, Hybrid & Soft ExoskeletonDEBEL
Biomechanical Characterisation for exoskeletonDEBEL
Psycophisiological evaluations of SoldierDEBEL
Geo Hazard TrainingModelling and Simulation system to train the person in geo hazardous areaDGRE
Health ManagementBiovest for Physiology Monitoring of aeronautsDEBEL
Wearable Sweat-analysis device for fatigue monitoringDIPAS
Omics of altitude tolerance and High Altitude Illness (HAI) and Sudden Death SyndromeDIPAS
Human Machine InterfaceCognitive Exoskeleton - Integration of humans with complex machines using AI toolsINMAS
Mental Workload  AnalysisEstimation of pilot mental work load in Flight SimulatorDIPR
Military Field Space HeatingHeating devices for space heating in high altitude and glaciated regionsDIPAS
Space heating module for shelters in high altitudeDIHAR/DIBER
Odour MitigationMicroencapsulated materials for signature mitigation (human odour) for troops during emergency operationsDRL
Off Road MobilityAssess trafficability for strategic planning and movement of man, machine and materials in off road areasDGRE
Personal HygieneBathing Sponge (Fire retardant Foam with embedded antimicrobial & antifungal property) for Armed ForcesDRL
Personnel Protection EquipmentSmart vest for identification of Friend or Foe (IFF) for Armed ForcesDRL
Survival Hammock (with FR and shrapnel protective layer) for Armed ForcesDRL
Physiological AnalysisAnalysis of redeployment to high altitude after de-induction based on Physiological, biochemical dataDIPAS
Generation of data base of physiological responses of female soldiersDIPAS
Stress ManagementMindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT) based digitized training modules for enhancing psychological wellbeing of junior leaders of Indian ArmyDIPR
Electromagnetic Brain stimulation to induce sleep in stressed armed personnel.DIPAS
Vector ManagementSyndrome based detection for vector-borne, water-borne and food-borne diseasesDRL
Vector-borne disease rapid-diagnostics using  silicoanalysisDRL
To Establish a molecular signature database for vector managementDRL
Water PurifierAdvanced materials for adsorption/ sensing of emerging contaminants for Water Purification SystemDLJ
AI based Modular Water Purification System (WPS) to minimize inventory, spares & enable Unit level assembly & maintenanceDLJ
AI based system configuration & Operation of Water Purification, Decontamination & GenerationDLJ
All-theatre Soldier/Section Water generation & purification kitsDLJ
All-theatre Water Purification & Desalination SystemsDLJ
Chemical Biological Radiological & Nuclear (CBRN) Water Purification SystemDLJ
Easy-to-carry emergency water purification system for armed forcesDRL
Futuristic membranes for Water Purification System (eg. Graphene, Forward Osmosis, etc)DLJ
WearableWearable Computational Devices with wireless interfaces for dismounted crew operationCVRDE
Body worn Passive tags, that generates higher harmonics, when illuminated by selected EM frequencyDGRE
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