REMOTELY OPERATED VEHICLE (ROV) DAKSH: The ROV is versatile equipment for improvised explosive device identification and handling. It can also be utilised to survey and monitor nuclear and chemical contamination levels. The ROV has stair climbing capabilities and can operate continuously for 3 hours. The ROV can be controlled either by fibre optic communication over 100m distance or can be controlled by wireless communication over 500m line of sight.

UNMANNED AERIAL VEHICLE (UAV) ‘NETRA’: This mini UAV has been developed for surveillance applications. It is battery operated, silent and is equipped with a Day Camera with zoom for detailed surveillance. It also has an optional Thermal Imager for night operations. IT A number of UAV systems have been supplied to Paramilitary Forces and Police and are currently in operation.

Confined Space Remotely Operated Vehicle (CSROV): DAKSH MINI is a battery operated tracked vehicle with multiple degrees of freedom manipulator arm (telescopic arm) weighing not more than 100 kg. DAKSH MINI is capable of extracting suspected objects with telescopic manipulator arm.

Surveillance Remotely Operated Vehicle (SROV) (on the verge of induction): The DAKSH-SCOUT is remotely controlled from a portable Operator Console using RF. It has adequate number of cameras suitably mounted on the platform for real time viewing in front, at the rear and on either side.

Unexploded Ordnance Handling Robot (UXOR): The UXO handling Robot (UXOR) is capable to handle, diffuse and detect Unexploded Ordnance (UXO) i.e. Bombs and Missiles up to 1000 kg remotely from of 1km LOS. UXOR is based on a IC Engine operated, tracked Skid Steer Loader platform, good cross country mobility with six hours of endurance. UXOR is capable to diffuse Unexploded Ordnance (UXO) i.e. Bombs and Missiles with low order detonation. UXOR is having a multiple DOF manipulator arm with cutting mechanism to defuse the UXO.

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