Technology CategoryTechnology Development TaskLab
AI/ML TechnologyQuantum Machine Learning (ML) TechnologyR&DE(E)
Atomic ClockUltra Small Atomic ClocksSSPL
MagnetometerAtomic Vapor MagnetometerSSPL
Quantum CommunicationComparative analysis of quantum key distribution approaches for free space communicationDYSL-QT
Measurement Device Independent (MDI) based quantum communication link between chip‐scale integrated transmitters separated by 200 km distanceDYSL-QT
Quantum Random Number Generator (QRNG)DYSL-QT
Quantum Computing7-qubit quantum processor using superconducting circuit technology operating at milli-Kelvin temperaturesDYSL-QT
Algorithms for Scheduling, FEC etc to exploit quantum computing capability for communication and network centric operationsDEAL
Quantum computing capable hub for AI enabled video, image and data processingDEAL
Quantum SensingMagnetometer Sensor Package for Atomic Magnetometer with femto-Tesla range sensitivityDYSL-QT
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