Mobile Communication System

    DRDO has developed a mobile communication system (MCS) technology to provide reliable and secured wide area connectivity for both data and voice between various nodes.

Salient Features

  • IP-based wide area network coverage

  • High bandwidth

  • Real-time voice, video and integrated data

  • High reliability

  • Quality service

  • Network management

Target Update Transmitter
      Target update transmitter (TUT) technology has been developed for ground-based on code division multiple access technique to provide secured and reliable data communication to missile in hostile environment.

Salient Features

  • Code diversity

  • Frequency diversity

  • Space diversity

  • Antijamming capability

  • More range with less power of transmission


A command, control, communications, computer and intelligence (C4I) system has been developed for gathering information about integrated air situation, threat analysis, performing necessary simulation, assigning weapon for effective target engagement, and in helping offline training during peace time.