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Vol. 9     No.3   June  2001 

Naval Wargame

Sagar Ver 2.0 is a computerised naval wargame run on a 9 PC configuration in UNIX, Sagarusing X-windows for operational planning and exercising of the command teams of naval commanders. This helps the commanders to improve their decision making skills in a changing tactical situation. This naval wargame supports two rival groups, . viz., Blue and Red, a Neutral Force and a Game Controller  (GC). The GC defines a scenario with a detailed description of strategic situation, environment, force levels, location and status of respective forces, and an operation directive. In Sagar Ver 2.0, the Commanders-in-Chief (C-in-C) of  Red and Blue forces have the facility to form up to three  task forces each, namely, TF1, TF2, and TF3. Each task force may have either of the three types of platforms, viz, surface, sub-surface, and naval air, or a combination of these.

The C-in-C along with their task force commanders carry out appreciation and work out an operational plan. The computer provides software tools (mathematical and graphical) and database facilities to analyse various factors, such as time and space, comparison of forces, MRA searches, endurance requirements, etc to aid working out of operational plans. After game planning, the C-in-C transfers the data to the respective task force commanders. As the game progresses, the task force commanders of Blue and Red forces interact with their respective C-in-C. Based on the inputs from GC, C-in-C reviews the plans and issues revised orders to the task force commanders. The C-in-C can monitor the activities of all the three task forces as well as independent platforms on his terminal. During the game play, GC computer predicts the critical events. The GC allows the players to either progress the game or provides them options to update the plans. The computer executes the events, evaluates the consequences, such as start of engagement, hit or damage to a platform, change in speed of tracks, etc and intimates the concerned force about the events occurred and results thereof. This is followed by the prediction of next critical event. Facilities have been provided to GC to help him grab computer screens during the game play to facilitate debriefing of the players.