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Vol . 8 No. 3 June 2000  

Teaching & Training Programmes

The aim of DRDO's interest in nuclear medicine was to carry out research and disseminate knowledge, carry out training/teaching programmes for civilian and service doctors to make them aware of the consequences of weapons of mass destruction and simple means to counter these, and use of radioisotopes for medical purposes. It was envisaged to develop nuclear medicine applications to obviate human suffering.

It was therefore foreseen that nuclear medicine constituted a medical specialty and it was necessary to initiate formal training on the subject in national perspective. Consequently, a diploma course (Diploma in RaDIATion Medicine-DRM) was started from 1964 onwards to train physicians in nuclear medicine and related sciences at INMAS, a DRDO laboratory, which is affiliated to Delhi University for the purpose. The course is open to both armed forces and civilian physicians through a university-conducted examination. The laboratory has been producing three to four trained nuclear medicine physicians every two years since then.