Detachable Grippers

Detachable Grippers

Different gripper assemblies have been designed to function as the end effecter of the manipulator arm of the ROV. These grippers can be grouped into a parallel jaw or a three-finger variant. The grippers are made of aluminium sections and are, therefore, lightweight.
The parallel jaw gripper has been developed using a four-bar mechanism driven through a worm and worm wheel as well as a cam follower-based design. The three-finger gripper has been realised using a screw drive as well as a cam follower mechanism. The parallel gripper has attachments to hold cylindrical, spherical objects, and a scooping device. These grippers have a maximum gripping capability of 200 mm and can hold objects upto 20 kg.

Four-bar mechanism parallel jaw gripper       CAM-operated parallel jaw gripper

Salient Features

  • Detachable configuration

  • Three-finger and parallel jaw variants

  • 20 kg holding capacity

  • Jaw opening 200 mm (max.)