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Vol . 8 No. 1 February 2000

Antenna Technology

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Antennas, constituting the front face of any electromagnetic sensor is the gateway for either emission or reception of the RF signals. Antenna technology has gone through several changes commensurate with the evolution of the complex systems for various applications. There have been a wide variety of antennas depending on applications. Antenna design approaches meeting the relatively narrow band requirements of radars are different from those of broad-band antennas covering several octaves in electronic warfare (EW) areas. Antennas for sonars operating at audio frequencies have to have still different approaches for their realisation. This first issue on antenna technology focusses on the technologies realised for radar applications at the radar laboratory of DRDO the Electronics & Radar Development Establishement, Bangalore. The second issue to follow later will cover the broad-band antennas used for EW applications.



K V V Rao