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From the Desk of Special Editor


INMAS is a unique life sciences laboratory of DRDO because of its multi-disciplinary expertise in clinical and basic raDIATion related research. Starting from a small raDIATion cell in 1956 in Defence Science Centre (now LASTEC), INMAS has now grown into a laboratory with a large clinical faculty and a mandate for research and development in non-invasive imaging. Originally being a premier research and development, teaching and OPD-based institute for nuclear medicine and thyroid-related diseases, INMAS has responded to the needs of the changing times by massive expansion in imaging facilities in eighties followed by mechanistic cancer research, DRDO Health Programme and Dental Research. Concurrent to the initiative taken by Chief Controller (Life Sciences), DRDO, to focus the development work on creation of effective and cost-effective biomedical products and technology particularly useful to the Defence Forces, INMAS has reoriented itself to the new challenges by converting its knowledge-based basic research with implicit capacity for application into explicit product and technology development.
This effort will be given further boost in the coming years by addition of new facilities such as PET-cyclotron and 3-T MRI that have specific drug development potential. Several novel products and new technology concepts have been developed in the recent years. Diverse scientific manpower at INMAS in different specialities has been a significant advantage in this respect.
A brief description of the activities and achievements of the laboratory made in the last few years has been covered in two issues—February 2006 on Biomedical Products and April 2006 on Drug Development—of Technology Focus. I hope that these issues will be useful not only for the sister labs but for prospective users also.

(Dr. R P Tripathi)