Ultra-Compact Electronics Packages for Laser Target Designators

1000j/s charging unit

DRDO has developed a novel DC-to-DC converter design topology iDEALly suited for power converters used as charging units for energy storage capacitor banks in flash-pumped pulsed solid-state lasers. The design methodology has been evaluated by building hardware typical of a battlefield laser target designator. The developed hardware, a DC-to-DC converter module with an input voltage range of 18 V to 32 V and output power delivery capability of 375 J/s, is capable of charging a 30 F capacitor to 1000 V in 40 ms with a conversion efficiency greater than 85 per cent. The design has also been validated by building the hardware of a 1000 J/s unit. The new topology gives the user flexibility to use any energy/pulse and repetition rate combination. For instance, 1000 J/s unit can be used at 10 J/pulse at 100 pps or 100 J/pulse at 10 pps or even 1000 J/pulse at 1 pps with same ease and conversion efficiency without any design modification. It also allows the designer to use a wide range of energy storage capacitor (5 F to 200 F) and charging voltage (500 V DC to 1500 V DC) to get the desired energy without compromising any of its features. The design topology has led to hardware having a packaging density of greater than 7 W/inch3 as compared to a figure of about 4.5 W/inch3 of similar units with comparable specifications from leading international manufacturers.
DRDO has established core competence in developing compact electronics packages for high energy pulsed solid-state lasers.