Vol. 5 No. 6 December 1997

ISSN: 0971-4413




Conventional cutting techniques are not suitable for cutting hard metallic and non-metallic targets in milliseconds, especially in hostile conditions. To perform the cutting of targets in adverse environment, directed explosive energy systems preferably in the form of Flexible Liner Shaped Charges (FLSCs) can be deployed.

The FLSC essentially consists of an explosive core enclosed in a linear ductile metal sheath. On detonation, the shock-wave collapses and transforms the inverted ‘V’ section (called linear) into high velocity metallic jet, which performs the task of progressive linear cut in the target plate. DRDO has already developed a number of low calibre FLSCs with explosive loading ranging from 0.8 to 25 g/m length of charge.

DRDO has now developed the design of high calibre FLSC with an explosive core of hexagonal shape with inverted ‘V’ in contrast to half-moon shape explosive core of low calibre FLSCs. The machinery required for the extrusion of large calibre FLSCs has been designed and fabricated indigenously. Large calibre FLSCs with RDX loading from 65 to 250 g/m, were extruded and evaluated for their cutting capability in mild steel plates. These systems have been successfully tested for cutting of different weight class of Air Force bombs. The lengths up to 1 m, which meet all operational requirements, can be extruded using this facility.

This development will considerably improve the capability of rapid action forces entrusted with the task of quick cutting of strategic targets encountered in offensive operations.

Technology For Commercial Production Of Titanium Sponge/ Chrome Mask Blanks/ Solid-State Electrolyte Oxygen Sensor/ Large Calibre Flexible Linear-Shaped Charges/ MM Wave Communication System/ DRDO Patents