In war, camouflage is used to hide soldiers and their equipment from the enemy. Camouflage material helps soldiers, equipment and fortification blend in with their environment so that the enemy can not detect them. It is coloured with dull hues that match the predominant colours of the surrounding environment. It may have a single colour, or several similarly coloured patches mixed together so that it is visually disruptive.
DRDO has also developed a camouflage pattern generation software, Sigma MK-1, which generates various types of camouflage patterns of military objects on 2-D surface profile. The software

generates various camouflage patterns for stationary and mobile military equipment deployed in various geographic regions. It has been developed in Visual C++ and MFC library for windows environment. The software has been accepted by ISCDC for introduction into the Services.


Salient Features

Wide range of non-repetitive patterns can be generated with the same algorithm
Size, location and orientation of patterns can be adjusted interactively depending upon the type of object, viewing distance/sensor resolutions
Percentage of each colour can be calculated and adjusted interactively
Transfer of patterns on the object is simple
A library of predefined patterns can be created with specific shape and nature of closed curve polygons