An all-electric type weapon control system with independent stabilisation has been developed indigenously by DRDO in association with private sector industry for the turret of Infantry Combat Vehicle (ICV), Abhay. The purpose of all-electric drive (AED) is to position the 40 mm main gun of Abhay on to the target in azimuth and elevation and to provide twin-axis stabilisation to the weapon platform against external disturbances.
It is an electromechanical system, which uses brush-less drives with especially designed backlash free elevation and traverse gearboxes coupled to turret ring for rotation in azimuth, and to sector gear for elevation/depression of gun, respectively. The system employs vector control technology implemented through digital controllers and insulated gate bipolar transistor (IGBT)-based power amplifiers for control of brush-less drives. It uses state-of-the-art fibre optic gyros as feedback elements for the purpose of stabilisation. AED has a provision for MIL 1553 and RS 422 interface for real-time connectivity with Fire Control System and Battlefield Management System. It has been interfaced with a combined day-cum-night sight integrated to Laser Range Finder for the purpose of aiming at targets. The system has excellent accuracy levels comparable with contemporary systems.

The system has been tested on board vehicle on cross-country and has been successfully test fired on static targets. Being an indigenous development, AED can be suitably configured to drive and stabilise similar weapons/allied platforms.

Technical Specifications
Traverse and elevation rates
Max. : 40o/s
Min. : 0.04o/s
Stabilisation : 0.8 mil/s (1s)
Acceleration : >50o/s2
Drift Rate : <0.1mil/s

Gun control system for Abhay

Salient Features
Provides fire on move capability
* Operates in various modes, viz., self-stab and sight-master mode
* Inbuilt provision for equipment testing
* Interlocks for safe operation
* Dual control through gunner and commander joysticks with override facility to commander