Vol. 10  No 4 August  2002

Spiral Helix Antenna

spiralhelix.jpg (153993 bytes)Spiral helix antenna is a compact state-of-the-art circularly polarised antenna, which works over multioctave frequency bandwidth (1-18 GHz). The antenna size (38 mm diameter x 40 mm height) has been reduced by 50 per cent with respect to conventional spiral antenna (85 mm diameter x 58 mm height) used for the same frequency band. A sandwich hemispherical radome has been also designed and developed to protect the antenna from hostile environment. The radome is coated with anti-rain erosion paint for airborne applications. These antennas are best suited for DF and radar warning receiver applications. The size versus performance of this antenna demonstrates the development capabilities and technical excellence in the state-of-the-art antenna designs at DRDO. The antenna is manufactured by M/s CEL, Sahibabad.

Salient Features

Frequency Range : 1-18 GHz
VSWR : 3.5: 1
Polarisation : Circular
Nominal beamwidth : 80o
Gain : 5 dBi

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