Vol. 10  No 4 August  2002

Special Components

Segmented Resolver

Segmented resolver is an induction transformer type precision and high accuracy angular position segmentedresolver.jpg (315457 bytes)sensor. It is basically a rotary feedback device used in limited angle rotation like fire control systems, pitch and role platforms, position control systems, etc. It as low as 5-10 arc seconds. The reduced arc permits decrease in assembling time, material saving and lower cost. The unique design of segmented resolver is an extension of full-rotation resolver configuration and provides accurate position data in limited angle application. Segmented resolver is manufactured by M/s Srijan Control Drives, Pune.

Salient Features

Primary voltage : 10 V
Frequency : 1000 Hz
Input power : 15 mW
Transformation ratio : 0.5
Phase shift : 12
Null voltage : 10 mV
Operating angular range : 5 to 10

Wheel Speed Transducer

Wheel speed transducer is a wheel speed-sensing device that operates on the principle of whelspeed.jpg (181575 bytes)variable reluctance with DC excitation. It is designed to provide two identical signals generated independently within the transducer with full electrical isolation between them. The electrical signal provided by the wheel speed transducer corresponds to the wheel speed equipment. The transducer is used in aircraft break management applications. Wheel speed transducer is manufactured by M/s Transducers & Allied Products, Bangalore.

Salient Features

Input voltage : 10 V DC
Speed range : 150 rpm to 5000 rpm
No. of pulses/revolution : 48
Weight : < 500 g
Insulation resistance : 20 MW @ 500 V DC
Temperature severity : - 20oC to + 65oC
Impact (shock) severity : 40 g, half sine wave, 6 ms duration, 6 directions
Vibration severity : 0.06 g2/Hz, 20 Hz-2000 Hz

DC Motor

DC Motor is used to drive electromechanical actuators. These actuators are used to drive the dcmotor.jpg (308157 bytes)flight control surfaces for effecting steering of the flying vehicles in pitch, yaw and roll control. The DC motor works on 28 V DC, conforms to size 23, with a reduction gearbox of 64: 1. The motor employs samarium-cobalt magnets, brush type commutator and planetary gearbox. The motor is fully qualified to meet the environmental standards as per MIL-STD-810C. DC motor is manufactured by M/s Srijan Control Drives, Pune and M/s Delta Technologies, Secunderabad.

Salient Features

Supply voltage : 28 V DC
No load speed : 760 rad/s
Torque : 3.5 N-m
Armature resistance : 7.5 W
Temperature severity : - 20C to 135C
Impact shock severity : 40 g, half sine wave, 6 ms duration, 6 directions
Vibration severity 0.06 g2/ Hz, 20 Hz-2000

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