Vol. 10  No 4 August  2002

Millimeter Wave Components

Ka-band P-I-N Diode Switch

P-i-n diode switches are used for control of power in millimeter (mm) wave circuits and are widely used in EW and radar systems. They are primarily used to route signals between ports. Switches using p-i-n diodes as the control device are most common because of fast switching, low insertion loss and high isolation. In addition, the solid-state switches offer high reliability and low drive requirement. P-i-n diode switches can also be used as pulse modulators. The switches are manufactured by M/s CEL, Sahibabad.

Salient Features

Frequency : 26.5 Ghz to 27.5 GHz
Insertion loss : 1.20 dB (max)
Isolation : 32 dB (min)
Switching speed : 20 ns (10 per cent to 90 per cent)
Driver control bias : TTL

Ka-band Balanced Mixer

Mixers are frequency conversion components used for converting high frequencies into a balancedmixer.jpg (149840 bytes)convenient intermeDIATe frequency range. The mixer consists of matching circuits for RF and LO ports, Schottky diodes as mixing elements, and matching/filter circuit for IF port. Balanced mixer has been constructed using standard hybrid MIC techniques. This mixer is manufactured by M/s CEL, Sahibabad.

Salient Features

Frequency : 34 Ghz to 36 GHz
IF Bandwidth : 50 Mhz to 500 Mhz
Conversion loss : 8 dB
LO to RF isolation : 15 dB
LO power : 10 dBm

Ka-band Dielectric Resonator Oscillator

It is a fixed frequency, highly stable oscillator with low phase noise. The oscillator uses a dielectircresonator.jpg (123024 bytes)Gunn diode, appropriate matching circuit, and a high Q dielectric resonator as a frequency-stabilising element. Highly stable and low phase noise single frequency dielectric resonator oscillator finds application as local oscillators in radar, communication, and EW systems. This item is being manufactured by M/s CEL, Sahibabad.

Salient Features

Frequency : 27.75 GHz
Mechanical tuning bandwidth : 20 MHz
Output power : 20 dBm
Phase noise at 10 kHz away from carrier : -70 dBc/Hz

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