Vol. 10  No 4 August  2002

Microwave Components

RF Front-end Supercomponents with EDLVA

Supercomponents integrate various active and passive microwave functions in a single rffrontend.jpg (205668 bytes)compact package. Supercomponent approach to subsystems increases reliability and repeatability and is inescapable where amplitude/phase matching is required over a set of units. Radio frequency (RF) front-end subsystem with extended dynamic range detector log video amplifier (EDLVA) has been designed using various state-of-the-art technologies to achieve the required stringent characteristics and specifications and is fabricated in a single housing using supercomponent methodology. EDLVA supercomponents are used in amplitude comparison direction finding (DF) subsystem of electronic warfare (EW) systems. RF front-end supercomponents with EDLVA are manufactured by M/s Astra Microwave Pvt Ltd, Hyderabad.

Salient Features

Frequency range : 0.5 GHz to 2.0 GHz
EDLVA type : DC coupled
Dynamic range : -75 dBm to 0 dBm
Log linearity : 1 dB
Out of band rejection : <= -70 dBc
VSWR : 2: 1
Amplitude matching over a set of 5 units : 1.2 dB
Operating temperature : -40C to + 85C
Size : 140 mm x 90 mm x 16 mm

Solid State Power Amplifiers

RF amplifiers are used in radar, communication, and EW systems where high power output performances are needed. The amplifiers are designed using large signal models/ measured data of high power active devices. These amplifiers are constructed using standard thin film hybrid MIC techniques. They are compact, rugged and are well suited as driver amplifier in transmitter and RF distribution networks, expendables, output amplifier in decoy transmitter, etc. The amplifiers are manufactured by M/s Karnataka Tele Electronics Ltd, Bangalore.

solidstate.jpg (179944 bytes) solidstate1.jpg (182290 bytes)

Salient Features

4880-4 Class A
Frequency range : 4880 50 MHz 1840 MHz
Input power : -24 dBm -12 dBm
Output power : + 36 dBm 40.3 dBm
Gain @ 1dB GCP : 61 2 dB 52 dB
Gain flatness : 1 dB 0.2 dB
Harmonics : - 50 dBc < 50 dBc
Spurious : - 60 dBc < 60 dBc
Current drain : 1.8 A 2.2 A
Min. output power over temp : 35 dBm over 8 hr of continuous operation 40 dBm
Size : 120 mm x 260 mm x 68 mm 156 mm x 120 mm x 90 mm

Phase Correlator

Phase correlator is used in phase comparison DF subsystems, digital instantaneous frequency phasecorrelator.jpg (165618 bytes)measurement subsystems, etc. It consists of two double balanced mixers and two 45 phase shifters, and provides two equal amplitude intermeDIATe frequency (IF) outputs that are in phase quadrature. The RF is introduced to the two double balanced mixers through one 45 phase shifter and the local oscillator (LO) is introduced through another 45 phase shifter in away that it gives 90 phase difference between the RF and LO signals resulting in two IF outputs of equal magnitude but in phase quadrature (normally denoted as  sin q and cos q, where q  is the phase difference between two incoming signals). The correlator is manufactured by M/s CEL Sahibabad.

Salient Features

Frequency : 8 GH to 18 GHz
Peak-to-peak error : 10 typical
Input power : + 10 dBm to + 12 dBm
Output video voltage levels : 150 mV

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