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Vol. 9 No 4 August 2001 

Facility for commercial Testing

1200 kV HVDC Test Facility

A 1200 kV HVDC test facility has been built to cater to the1200 kv HVDC generator testing of HVDC insulator strings, hardware and conductors. Many HVDC power transmission lines are coming up in the country and this requires testing and certification of the HVDC components. This facility is first of its kind in the country and will be of immense utility to the electrical industry who otherwise had to go abroad for HVDC testing. The facility comprises:

    1200 kV, 25 mA HVDC generator based on voltage multiplier circuit made of capacitors and rectifiers

    An approved measuring system to measure the HVDC voltage consisting of a 1200 Mohms resistor and a reference voltage divider

    Rain spray system for wet testing

    EMI receiver and coupling capacitors for measuring radio interference voltage (RIV) due to corona

    Winch and Hoist arrangements for suspending the test objects