Briefcase SATCOM Terminal


DRDO has successfully developed briefcase-type S-Band SATCOM terminals for voice/fax/data services using indigenous technology. The terminals operate using the MSS transponder of indigenous GSAT-2 satellite and the central hub station. The weight of each terminal is approximately 10 kg and it can be deployed in less than a minute making it highly suitable for providing tactical communication from remote areas.
The terminals have been developed keeping in view the tactical satellite communication requirements at S-band frequency, which has been exclusively allocated by ITU to India and few other select countries. Similar systems, like INMARSAT, available elsewhere operate at different frequency bands and are based on foreign satellites and hub stations, which make them highly susceptible to monitoring and denial of service at critical times. The system can find significant usage in the civilian sector as well as for providing emergency communication in disaster management.

Salient Features

  • Size
                Length : 475 mm
                Width : 400 mm
                Height : 130 mm

  • One voice/fax/asynchronous data channel at 4.8 kbps

  • Terminal-to-terminal (voice/fax/data), terminal-to-PSTN (voice), and terminal-to-hub (EOW and DTE channel) connectivity

  • Operation in SCPC-DAMA mode

  • Built-in DSP-based encryption for both voice and data with I-button key management

  • Integrated planar antenna and RF transceiver based on super-component approach

  • Operable with internal Li-ion rechargeable batteries or 12 -17 V external DC

  • Three hours talk time with internal batteries

  • Few prototype terminals have been developed and field evaluated.