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Vol . 8      No. 2    April  2000

EW Antennas & Radomes

A view of antenna test rangeElectronic warfare (EW) is a silent and invisible war as it uses the full spectrum electromagnetic energy to accurately intercept, identify, locate and counter the enemy radar modern war, weapon systems depend very heavily on this silent and invisible mode of conflict. In EW, antennas play extremely important role since they are ears and eyes of an electronic system. EW antennas are special class of antennas as they require raDIATion pattern capable of receiving signal from all directions and responding to all polarisations over multi octave frequency band. Such antennas are generally not available off-the-shelf from foreign sources. Hence, they have to be tailor-made to meet the specific requirements of our Services.

DRDO has designed, developed and productionised a large variety of state-of-the-art EW antennas and radomes covering frequency range from high frequency to millimeter 1.5 MHz to 40 GHz to meet the most stringent requirements of the Armed Forces. For the characterisation of these antennas and radomes, advanced antenna test facilities like rectangular anechoic chamber, tapered anechoic chamber, open test range, and ground reflection have also been set up with the latest instrumentation. DRDO has developed core competence design of EW antennas. As a result, total self-sufficiency has been achieved in this critical fi EW antennas and radomes.