DRDO has successfully developed a gamma ray transmission-based multi-detector computed tomography (CT) system. The system is based on Ir-192 radio-isotope source and uses four discrete detectors thereby reducing the data acquisition time by one-fourth as compared to the single-detector first generation CT systems. The technology is unique and first of its kind in the country.

The multi-detector CT system comprises a computer-controlled mechanical manipulator that can scan objects weighing up to 60 kg and maximum diameter of 500 mm. It also comprises four NaI(Tl) raDIATion detectors with associated computer-controlled electronics for simultaneous data acquisition, and CT reconstruction software implemented for the unique geometry. The system is capable of achieving sensitivity of the order of one per cent in reconstructed CT images.

The system offers tremendous potential for non-destructive testing and evaluation as the solution is cost-effective, reduces the scanning time and offers increased flexibility to accommodate wide spectrum of industrial objects. The simplicity in operation and control is also an added advantage. It is providing vital information for ongoing DRDO programmes including LCA, Samyukta and IGMDP.