Vol. 10  No 2 April 2002

Collective Protection System

Integrated Field Shelter

An Integrated Field Shelter has been developed for providing collective personnel protection from Decontamination suitNBC agents in a nuclear warfare scenario. The shelter has multifarious usage and apart from living can be used as Command Post, Observation Post, Regimental Aid Centre, and Communication Centre. The shelter can also be utilised for storage of food, fuel, medical supplies, etc.

The construction of the shelter is based on modular concept and comprises a corner entrance/exit module, two living modules, a utility module and a generator set module connected to each other by vestibules. The shelter is structurally strong enough to withstand 7.5 t/m2 circular pressure for the earth covered portions and 15 t/m2 longitudinal pressure for portions not covered by the earth. The structure has .three ventilation/filtration systems and a blower filter of 200 m3/hr capacity also.

Salient Features

Self-contained for 30 persons and capable of 96 hr of living inside                      
Overall diameter 2.5 m, and 28 m long
Prefabricated galvanised steel components in modular construction
Special fasteners for quick erection and dismantling
Portable  in 3 ton vehicle; components man portable
Prefilter and composite HEPA filter integrated with flash sensor
Two generator sets of 5 kVA each for power supply
Two water tanks of 1000 leach for water supply
Chemical toilets and pumps for sewage disposal

Status : Introduced into the Services and in regular production

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