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                                      Classification of warheads

Omni-Directional                      also be arranged on the surface          mechanisms are evolved to direct
    Warheads                          of the explosive column. These           explosive energy. Shaped charges are
                                      fragments accelerate to a great speed    mechanisms wherein the explosive
Omni-directional  warheads            under explosive action carrying the      energy is focused by the use of a cavity
have an isotropic pattern of energy   kinetic energy to longer distances.      lined with a metal. Nearly 15-20 per
distribution around the point of      Two variants of omni directional         cent of the explosive energy is focused
burst. They can be either blast       fragmentation warheads are discrete      towards one direction by the collapse
warheads or fragmentation warheads.   rod warheads and continuous              of this lined cavity. Explosive energy
Blast warheads use the explosive air  rod warheads. They use rod type          can also be directed in a specific
shock and resulting overpressure      elongated fragments in large numbers     direction by various other methods
to cause damage to the target. In     to inflict higher penetration in target  as employed in detonation wave
case of fragmentation warheads,       as compared to conventional spherical    aiming warheads and deformable
explosive energy is used to expand a  or cubical fragments.                    fragmentation warheads. This involves
metal casing into a number of small                                            detonating a cylindrical warhead
fragments. Fragments can be formed    Directed-Energy Warheads                 peripherally along a line in such a way
either by natural fragmentation                                                that more explosive energy is directed
process or controlled fragmentation      Directed-energy warheads are          to one side than to other sides.
process. Preformed fragments can      designed to direct part of the energy
                                      in a specific direction. Various               Fuel Air Explosive
                                                     Directional warhead
                                                                                  Fuel Air Explosives (FAE) are
                                                                               oxygen deficient high energy materials.
                                                                               These chemicals are dispersed in air
                                                                               over the target area using a suitable
                                                                               delivery and dispensing mechanism
                                                                               to form an aerosol cloud. This cloud is
                                                                               then detonated to deliver the intense
                                                                               blast energy onto the targets.

Omni-directional warhead

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