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Submunition Warheads

     Technologies Established                      Products Developed

â—Š	 Development of nose cone opening mechanism
â—Š	 Power cartridge assisted ejection mechanism
â—Š	 Development of single and two stage ejection

â—Š	 Light weight dispensation mechanism for

   runway denial penetrating submunition warhead
â—Š	 Rocket assisted ejection mechanism
â—Š	 Hot gas operated flap opening mechanism
â—Š	 Development of Electronic Safety and Sequencer

    Unit (SASU)
â—Š	 Evolution of WHTV test methodology for

    evaluating warhead performance

                                                     1000 kg Submunition        500 kg Composite warhead-
                                                   bomblet warhead-Prithvi                   Prithvi

Warhead Test Vehicle (WHTV) test                   500 kg RDPS warhead-Prithvi  Submunition warhead-

Warhead for Missiles, Torpedoes and Rockets							                              May-June 2018 11
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