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Vision system in tele-operated NAMICA (BMP based)

generate the knowledge base and acquire    Salient Features of the Tele-operated BMP-II
the critical expertise for converting a
medium tonnage tracked vehicle into a                                Prototype (NAMICA)
                                           Type of vehicle           Tracked BMP-II
    In addition to the development of the
relevant UGV technologies and systems,     Type of control           Tele-operation and manual
this project has enabled CVRDE to study
and quantify the system dynamics, vehicle  Range of tele-operation	  5 km (LOS)
response characteristics and the inter-    Speed of UGV	             15 km/h (limited due to safety requirements)
operability issues that invariably arises  DBW system                EMAs for brake, accelerator, clutch, steering, gear
when a large tracked vehicle is converted                            shift and parking brake
into a UGV.                                Vision system             Four colour cameras
                                           Communication system      Two wireless digital communication systems (for
    This work also enabled CVRDE to                                  video and telemetry)
evolve guidelines for the testing and      Base station              Twin display system, with operator control unit
evaluation of UGV, including the safety    Base station antenna      Omni-directional, on a 5 m retractable mast
related aspects.

Base station of the tele-operated BMP-II prototype

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