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    This core technology involves                                Major systems of the MUNTRA UGV
conversion of the manually operated
driver’s controls (acceleration, brake,             Salient Features of the DBW System
steering, etc), into electronically
operated controls, thus enabling tele-      Design               Indigenous, rugged, compact and reliable design
operation of the vehicle.
                                            Electronic controls for Brake, accelerator, steering, gear shift, parking brake
    This technology is primarily the
design of EMAs for each of the driver’s     Software control     Complete control of the vehicle engine/transmission
controls, their integration within the                           through indigenous software
driver/engine compartment of the
BMP vehicle and the control through         Fail safe mechanism  Incorporation of an elaborate fail safe mechanism to
software. After the initial verification                         ensure safety under all conditions
trials in CVRDE, this new technology
was validated by tele-operating the         Mode change option   Quick interchange between tele-operation and manual
MUNTRA-S during the summer field                                 driving modes
trials at Mahajan Field Firing Ranges
(MFFR), Rajasthan during May 2012,          Software framework   JAUS over Linux
where the temperature touched 52 0C.

    Subsequently, the system was also
integrated on two more BMP vehicles
which were also validated through field
trials. Subsequently, the DBW systems
in all the three UGVs were operated
successfully during various summer/
winter trials. This is the first trial
evaluated DBW system developed in
India for the BMP-II class of tracked

Tele-operation Module

    The tele-operation system (along
with DBW system) forms the core of
UGV. During the project, various state-
of-the-art technologies and sub-systems
were designed and developed for the tele-
operation system.

    The tele-operation system was
integrated in the BMP vehicles and was
successfully validated during numerous
summer/winter trials at MFFR during the
period 2012-2014.

    This is the first time in India that a
UGV of this class was tele-operated under
actual field conditions.

Modelling of DBW and its implementation in
                  the BMP-II vehicle

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