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                                    FocusVSDu¨ykWth Q¨dl

25 kN Servo Hydraulic 100 kN Servo Hydraulic                            200 kN/400 kN
           UTM UTM                                                      Hydraulic UTM

   Project LRSAM had projected         This testing system is              These robust machines offer
critical and urgent requirement     equipped with wide range of         reasonable results within the load
of inhouse testing of composite     grips, fixtures and accessories     range defined. Both machines
solid rocket propellant material    to cover almost entire spectrum     are driven hydraulically and an
in combinations like very low       of mechanical testing. In-built     attached control panel ensures
(0.005 mm/min) and very             Low Cycle Fatigue (LCF) and         operation in both automatic and
high (4000 mm/min) cross-           fracture mechanics (K1C, J1C)       manual mode. Both machines
head speeds and assorted            applications ensure versatility in  were reconditioned from
temperatures. Based on those        testing of materials.               dilapidated condition and made
requirements, MDD formulated        â—Š	 Load capacity: 100 kN            functional.
installation of this UTM which is   â—Š	 Stroke: 100 mm                   â—Š	 Load capacity: 200 kN/
now a unique facility throughout    ◊	 Sample size: 0–19 mm thick
India and has not only helped                                              400 kN
save organisational funds but          flat, Ø 2.5–16 mm round          ◊	 Stroke: 500/750 mm
also sped up the testing activity.                                      â—Š	 Sample size: Assorted
â—Š	 Load capacity: 25 kN

â—Š	 Stroke: 150 mm

◊	 Speed: 0.1–5000 mm/min

◊	 Test environment: -70 ºC to
   +100 ºC

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