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                                                                    FocusVSDu¨ykWth Q¨dl

  Stereo Microscope                      Metallurgical              Digital Micro Hardness
                                          Microscope                           Tester
   Primarily used for weld
qualifications, coating thickness     With features like reflected     Primarily used for analysis
measurements and failure           bright-field/dark-field/         of welds and surface coatings,
analysis, Stereo microscope is     DIC observations, MDD            this equipment is versatile for
a vital tool for a metallurgist    is capable of doing image        micro-hardness measurements
to accomplish one’s activities.    analysis and microstructural     on diverse metallic and non-
With ring-light and dual-          characterisation of all          metallic materials.
LED gooseneck lights, ample        metallic materials. The
lighting is ensured to analyse     associated software has             Features like fully automated
even dull and pale fracture        diverse features like image      load-hold-release mechanism
surfaces and observe crack         processing, interactive image    and multi-line/random measure-
initiation and propagation         measurements and phase           ments are accompanied with
features. Magnification ranges     analysis.                        data accuracy as per ASTM
from 6.3 X to 95.4 X                                                standards.
                                   â—Š	 Light intensity range:        â—Š	 Measuring modes: HV and
                                      continuously variable from
                                      1.0–12.0 v DC                    HK
                                                                    ◊	 Load range: 5 gf–1000 gf
                                   â—Š	 Focusing system: 25 mm        â—Š	 Magnifications: 100X and
                                      max. with 0.1 mm fine and
                                      17.8 mm coarse stroke per        400X
                                      rotation                      â—Š	 Test-table size: 100 mm X

                                   â—Š	 Magnification range:             100 mm (with a max stroke
                                      50X–1000X                        of 25 mm along X and Y
                                                                    â—Š	 Dwell time: Variable from
                                                                       5–99 sec (with 1 sec

                                         Metallurgical Microscope          Digital Micro Hardness Tester
                                                                    Material Development and Characterisation
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