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Table 1. Aluminium Alloys Produced using the Existing Infrastructure in Indian Industries

Alloy and Temper                              Production Agency               Applications                       User Inspection
                                                                                                                                   Agency (IA),
                                                                                                                                   Agency (CA)

Alloy :1201 (AA2219), AK4-1Ч          HAAL, Aurangabad (cast billet and slab) BrahMos Supersonic           Armed Forces     MSQAA (IA),
(AA2618); Д16Ч (AA2124), AK6          BALCO, Korba (cast slab, sheet and      Cruise Missile (Airframe) (Army, Navy and
(BAPL2xxx) & AMΓ6 (BAPL5xxx)          plate)                                                               Air Force)

Temper: O, T31, T4, T6, T652, T81,    OFAJ, Nagpur and CEL, Kharagpur                                                       NPOM
T83, T8511, T87                       (extrusion and forging stock)                                                         Russia (CA)
Semi-Product : Sheet and plate (with  SIFL, Thrissur (forging)
and without cladding), rod, seamless  CHW Forge, Greater Noida (rolled ring)
pipe, seamless tube, forging, rolled  NFC, Hyderabad & Siddhi Engineers,
ring and profile                      Ahmedabad (seamless pipe & tube)
                                      BAE, Mysore (profile)

Sheet: AA2219-O and AA6061-O          HAAL, Aurangabad and Hindalco,          BrahMos Supersonic           Armed Forces     MSQAA (IA),
Plate: Unclad AA2219-O Plate:         Hirakud                                 Cruise Missile               (Army, Navy and  CEMILAC (CA)
Unclad AA2219-T87                     BALCO, Korba                            Submarine Launched           Air Force)       RDAQA, Midhani
                                                                              Ballistic Missile (Nose      Navy             (IA), CEMILAC
                                                                              cap dome and alignment                        (CA)

Seamless Tubes: AA6082-T6             Siddhi Engineers, Ahmedabad             Akash Missile                Army             Project Akash,
                                                                              (Air intake tube)            Air Force        QC(L&T), Mumbai

Sheets: AA6061- O and                 BALCO, Korba                            New Generation               Air Force        RDAQA, Midhani
AA6061-T6                                                                     Anti-radiation Missile                        (IA),
                                                                              (NGARM) (Airframe)                            CEMILAC (CA)

Sheets: DMR291A-H24 and Plates:       BALCO, Korba and Hindalco, Hirakud Naval Warship                     Navy             QAE(N), Kolkata
DMR291A-M                                                                                (Superstructure)                   and DQA(N), Delhi
                                                                                                                            (IA), DNA (CA)
Sheets and Plates: RDE40M- T7x51 BALCO, Korba                                 Sarvatra Bridging System Army                 CQA(E), Pune

Plates: AA2519-T87                    BALCO, Korba                            Futuristic Infantry          Army             (IA & CA)
Extrusions: AA6082-T651               OFAJ, Nagpur                            Combat Vehicle               Army             DGQA, Kolkata
                                                                              Ammunition                                    (IA), CQA(Metals)
                                                                              (Rocket, etc.)                                (CA)
                                                                                                                            MIDHANI (IA),
                                                                                                                            CEMILAC (CA)

Extrusions: DTD5124-T651              OFAJ, Nagpur and HAPP, Trichy           FSAPDS Ammunition            Army             DGQA, OFAJ (IA),
                                                                              (Hard anodised tail fin                       CQA (Metals) (CA)
                                                                              and sabot components)

Extrusions: DMR 7xxx-T7651 and        HAAL, Aurangabad, OFAJ, Nagpur and Indigenously built combat Air Force and            RDAQA, Midhani
Forging stock: DMR 7xxx Forging:      HAL, Bengaluru                          aircraft (Forging) and       Army             (IA), CEMILAC
DMR 7xxx-T7452                                                                vehicle armour                                (CA) (ongoing

16 January-February 2018                                                      Aluminium Alloy Technologies for Advanced Defence Systems
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